MongoDB connection from Jaspersoft ‘iReport’

I have created a few DBs (largely copying pp 137 from the excellent ‘7 databases in 7 weeks’) and manually entered a dozen or so rows. The Mongo equivalent of select * from is dbfind()

And I’ve managed to install Japsersoft iReport.

So far, so good.

But…When I create a datasource connection from within iReport to MongoDB I am asked for 3 things
1 MongoURI
2 Username
3 Password

The pre-filled default for 1 is ‘mongodb://HOST:27017/DB_NAME’
I assume I substitute DB_NAME for towns (my recently created database) – but this doesn’t work.
I also assume I can leave a username and password as blank?
– As show users (in Mongo shell) returns nothing (and I haven’t yet created any)

So, brick wall. Have raised a JIRA @ MongoDB, hopefully someone can help me out!



Bought a mini WiFi dongle and powered USB hub. The hub lets you plug more than 2 devices into a Pi. The Pi has just 2 USB outputs. So, if you need a mouse, keyboard, USB memory stick and wifi dongle you’re out of luck!

Needed to connect the RPi to the wifi ethernet wired port, which meant disassembling everything and moving downstairs to the router. Connected the RPi to the living room TV and went through various sudo apt-get update commands, which should hopefully have installed all the latest drivers etc. Then, it could sit happily back upstairs and pick up wi-fi internet (via the mini dongle) for updates etc.

TBH, it’s proving really hard to get the RPis operational. It was so S-L-O-W for a webpage to load via Mondrian browser, i got bored and tried something else, so am not sure if I was successful or not installing firmware etc. RPis and sharding on the backburner for now.

Instead, I chose to mess around with MongoDB just on the laptop, and worry about sharding later. I’ve inserted some dummy records and can already see how attractive a schema-free database can be, effectively adding ‘columns’ to a collection on the fly, not having to specify directories for log files etc etc.

I’m downloading community editions of Jaspersoft Studio, iReport, ETL. My plan for tomorrow is to see if I can see the data I created in something like Jaspersoft iReport.