Day one!

Today I picked up a new laptop & installed various bits needed for my MSc project. The project aim (at this point in time, subject to change!) is to build a scaleable BI solution, using a noSQL DB, commodity hardware and open source tools for around £100.

Acting as 4 nodes (512MB RAM, 4GB SD memory)

I haven’t yet thought about what data I may end up processing, but am drawn to unstructured documents,

I’m planning on using a document database ‘MongoDB’ and the ‘topography’ of the ‘cluster’ is as follows

  • 1x Samsung 3-series laptop, windows 7, 6GB RAM, Pentium 1-5
  • 1 x Dell 5150, WinXP (showing its age, probably around 7 years) 4GB RAM, some kinda processor!
  • 4 x Raspberry Pi 512MB all with 4GB HD cards
commodity hardware - apart from the new laptop

raspberry pi, an old knackered dell desktop and a new laptop.

So far, I’ve installed

  • MongoDB mongodb-win32-x86_64-2008plus-2.2.1
  • Java
  • Tableau for data viz
  • Pentaho for ETL (& more possibly)
  • Jaspersoft iReport for report authoring (although may use Tableau if a suitable db connection can be found, or Pentaho)