RDDs are the new bytecode of Apache Spark

O. Girardot

With the Apache Spark 1.3 release the Dataframe API for Spark SQL got introduced, for those of you who missed the big announcements, I’d recommend to read the article : Introducing Dataframes in Spark for Large Scale Data Science from the Databricks blog. Dataframes are very popular among data scientists, personally I’ve mainly been using them with the great Python library Pandas but there are many examples in R (originally) and Julia.

Of course if you’re using only Spark’s core features, nothing seems to have changed with Spark 1.3 : Spark’s main abstraction remains the RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset), its API is very stable now and everyone used it to handle any kind of data since now.

But the introduction of Dataframe is actually a big deal, because when RDDs were the only option to load data, it was obvious that you needed to parse your “maybe” un-structured data using RDDs, transform…

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