noSQL is not a panacea…

NoSQL is not a panacea
The past decade has seen a huge amount of innovation in scalable data systems.
These include large-scale computation systems like Hadoop and databases such as
Cassandra and Riak. These systems can handle very large amounts of data, but with
serious trade-offs.
Hadoop, for example, can parallelize large-scale batch computations on very large
amounts of data, but the computations have high latency. You don’t use Hadoop for
anything where you need low-latency results.

NoSQL databases like Cassandra achieve their scalability by offering you a much
more limited data model than you’re used to with something like SQL. Squeezing
your application into these limited data models can be very complex. And because the
databases are mutable, they’re not human-fault tolerant.

These tools on their own are not a panacea. But when intelligently used in conjunction
with one another, you can produce scalable systems for arbitrary data problems
with human-fault tolerance and a minimum of complexity. This is the Lambda


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