Installing ES on Windows

install/update latest version of (JDK)
See my post about Tika for how to do this

Extract then start .bin file

Set up a Windows service

Windows users can configure Elasticsearch to run as a service to run in the background or start automatically at startup without any user interaction. This can be achieved through service.bat script under bin/ folder which allows one to install, remove, manage or configure the service and potentially start and stop the service, all from the command-line.


run service.bat manager
Change General to automatic


Installing MARVEL, which comes with an interactive console ‘sense’, which makes it easy to talk to ES directly from a browser.

Marvel is available as a plugin

Turn off monitoring of your local cluster
echo ‘marvel.agent.enabled: false’ >> .config/elasticsearch.yml

Running ES
./bin/elasticsearch -d to run in background as a daemon

Test it out
curl ‘http://localhost:9200/?pretty’


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