Book: ElasticSearch – The Definitive Guide

“Unfortunately, most DBs are astonishingly inept at extracting actionable knowledge from your data. Sure, they can filter by timestamp or exact values, but can they perform full-text search, handle synonyms, and score documents by relevance? Can they generate analytics and aggregations from the same data? Most important, can they do this in real time without big batch-processing jobs?

ES encourages you to explore and utilize your data, rather than letting it rot in a warehouse because it is too difficult to query.

(pp3) ES is more than just Lucene, it can also be described as follows:

  • A distributed real-time document srore where every field is indexed and searchable
  • A distbuted search engine with real time analytics
  • Capable of scaling to hundreds of servers and petabytes of structured and unstructured data

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