Hadoop – Hardware 101

The term commodity hardware is cited. However, commodity is referred to as:
(This doesn’t sound much like the romantic notion of dirt cheap infrastructure to me!)

SATA         Data Transfer Rate
Version      Gbits/sec  MBytes/sec  Year
1.0 (I)         1.5        150      2001
2.0 (II, 3G)    3.0        300      2004
3.0 (III, 6G)   6.0        600      2009
3.2 (Express)  16.0       1969      2013

More on RAID here

Using RAID on the DataNode FS used to store HFDS content is a bad idea because HDFS already has replication and error-checking bullt in. RAID is strongly recommended on the NameNode for additional security (HDFS uses disks to durably store metadata about the FS).

Topology: All of the master and slave nodes must be able to open connections to each other. Client nodes need to be able to talk to all of the master and slave nodes.


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