Installing R on Debian – 64-bit?

I’m installing R & R-studio on the old Dell in preparation for a forthcoming university module.

In a previous post, I talked about converting the old WinXP Dell 5100 to Linux using Unetbootin.

However, I’ve never been sure if the chip in the Dell is so old as to not be able to handle 64-bit programs. I’d rather install the 64-bit version than the 32-bit if I’m drawing on large(ish) datasets from my MongoDB cluster.

  • Open a terminal window
  • $ lscpu
Architecture:          i686
CPU op-mode(s):        32-bit, 64-bit
CPU(s):                2
Thread(s) per core:    1
Core(s) per socket:    2
CPU socket(s):         1
Vendor ID:             GenuineIntel
CPU family:            15
Model:                 4
Stepping:              7
CPU MHz:               2792.942
L1d cache:             16K
L2 cache:              1024K

This isn’t entirely clear to me – looks like I can run both?

$ getconf LONG_BIT
Returns ’32’

$ arch
Returns i686, which upon Googling looks like it’s an old, only 32-bit compatible chip. Shame! I guess it doesn’t really matter too much given the machine has a max of 4GB of RAM anyway

$ top
$ free
$ cat /proc/meminfo
All show memory information

The installation itself was simple
$ sudo apt-get install r-base r-base-dev
to start R
$ R
To quit

Sucking up some Tweets, analysing/processing in R and storing them in MongoDB could  be a neat experiment.

JeffGentry’s twitteR package makes searching Twitter easy:

># load the package
># get the n most recent tweets mentioning ‘@raspberry pi’
>delta.tweets = searchTwitter(‘Raspberry Pi’,n=n)

See more here

When I open R and try to<install.packages(‘twitteR’)>
I get  argument ‘lib’ is missing: using ‘/home/stuart/R/i486-pc-linux-gnu-library/2.11’
I’m looking here for an answer….

Am also going to install RStudio IDE. Follow the instructions here


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