Sample dataset (a la Northwind) for MongoDB

It would be nice to get hold of a sample, pre-built dataset of reasonable scale and complexity – something like Northwind that ships with MS SQL Server – rather than having to fiddle around in 2 databases converting data to and from. One can be found here.

  • Open a command prompt, start the mongo server by going in to the bin directory and typing in mongod
  • now take another command prompt and go to the bin directory again and write following command
    C:\mongodb\bin>mongoimport –db test –collection zips –file d:\sample\zips.json
  • The import should show some “imported 29470 objects”.

The data looks like this

{"city": "ACMAR", "loc": [-86.51557, 33.584132], "pop": 6055, "state": "AL", "_id": "35004"}
{"city": "ADAMSVILLE", "loc": [-86.959727, 33.588437], "pop": 10616, "state": "AL", "_id": "35005"}
{"city": "ADGER", "loc": [-87.167455, 33.434277], "pop": 3205, "state": "AL", "_id": "35006"}
{"city": "KEYSTONE", "loc": [-86.812861, 33.236868], "pop": 14218, "state": "AL", "_id": "35007"}
{"city": "NEW SITE", "loc": [-85.951086, 32.941445], "pop": 19942, "state": "AL", "_id": "35010"}
{"city": "ALPINE", "loc": [-86.208934, 33.331165], "pop": 3062, "state": "AL", "_id": "35014"}
{"city": "ARAB", "loc": [-86.489638, 34.328339], "pop": 13650, "state": "AL", "_id": "35016"}
{"city": "BAILEYTON", "loc": [-86.621299, 34.268298], "pop": 1781, "state": "AL", "_id": "35019"}
{"city": "BESSEMER", "loc": [-86.947547, 33.409002], "pop": 40549, "state": "AL", "_id": "35020"}
{"city": "HUEYTOWN", "loc": [-86.999607, 33.414625], "pop": 39677, "state": "AL", "_id": "35023"}

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