‘Cloning’ SD cards

Having gone through a painfully slowly MongoDB installation using scons, which took the best part of a full day on a 32GB SD card and was pretty fiddly, I’m attempting to ‘clone’ my ‘master’ SD card with MongoDB installed using the Win32 Disk Imager we downloaded previously. I’m not sure it’s going to work though, as I cannot see any MongoDB files/folders on the card when I insert it into the SD card reader on my laptop. Here goes anyway!

You can watch a video of how to do it

I hope that it will work, as it will save me 4 days manually installing onto the other 4 Raspberry Pis as detailed in my previous post. I’ll let you know! Looks like it’s going to take about 1/2 hr to read the existing image and I guess a similar amount to write it out to the new SD card

Thanks to Disconnect on the Raspberry Pi forum who states that Windows will only show up the boot partition, not everything else eg the MongoDB install.

UPDATE: it worked!


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