Map/Reduce Queries in MongoDB – for relational dummies (like me!)

Thanks to my ex-colleague and Genius Dina Mohammad for sharing this with me.

And an example of the different query constructs in SQL vs NoSQL worlds, although the example uses Map/Reduce rather than native querying. I know which I prefer!

SELECT person, SUM(score), AVG(score), MIN(score), MAX(score), COUNT(*)
FROM demo
WHERE score > 0 AND person IN (‘bob’,’jake’)
GROUP BY person;{
“key”: {
“person”: true
“initial”: {
“sumscore”: 0,
“sumforaveragescore”: 0,
“countforaveragescore”: 0,
“minscore”: 0,
“maxscore”: 0,
“countstar”: 0
“reduce”: function(obj, prev) {
prev.sumscore += obj.score;
prev.sumforaveragescore += obj.score;
prev.minscore = Math.min(prev.minscore, obj.score);
prev.maxscore = Math.max(prev.maxscore, obj.score);
“finalize”: function(prev) {
prev.averagescore = prev.sumforaveragescore / prev.countforaveragescore;
delete prev.sumforaveragescore;
delete prev.countforaveragescore;
“cond”: {
“score”: {
“$gt”: 0
“person”: {
“$in”: [“bob”, “jake”]


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